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Align Davis is designed to be a sanctuary of joy and possibility. In this beautiful, private setting you will experience the joy of movement, the peace of full support and the possibility of becoming your best. I offer private sessions designed specifically for you, with your entire being in mind. As a team, we walk the healing journey together. I will guide you in overcoming obstacles, releasing tension, learning new movement patterns and uniting mind, body and spirit.


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Click to learn more about the various healing methods offered at Align Davis:

Pilates is a whole body health system that focuses on improving flexibility, building strength and developing endurance. It emphasizes alignment, breathing, core strength and coordination.

The recently developed CoreAlign method emphasizes full body, flowing movements in an upright posture. It is excellent for rehabilitation, sport specific goals, balance, and fun.

Gyrotonic exercises emphasize continuous, flowing movements that follow the natural arcs and spirals of the body. Corresponding breath patterns awaken your body's rhythms.

Resistance Stretching combines flexibility, strength training and core development, with emphasis on lengthening and strengthening muscles simultaneously.

Come experience transformation and healing!

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