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The CoreAlign method is an innovative rehabilitation and fitness tool emphasizing movements from a standing position. Developed by Jonathan Hoffman in 2004, this method uses natural, flowing full body exercises to improve posture and balance, restore healthy movement patterns, increase functional abilities, and provide a challenging workout. CoreAlign is used worldwide as a tool for musculoskeletal rehabilitation, regular exercise regimens, and elite performance enhancement.

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“The injured body only needs to move correctly to heal itself” (J. Hoffman). CoreAlign retrains the central nervous system to coordinate harmonious movement by stimulating core stability muscles to fire in perfect timing during challenging exercises. By revealing the weak links and compensations in our movement patterns, and providing a feedback loop for self-correction, the CoreAlign exercises allow the body to memorize better alignment, thereby making movements stronger and more functional, leading to a strong and vibrant body.

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CoreAlign is the only system offering two independent carriages that move with smooth resistance (or assistance) from attached flexible tubing.  With hundreds of exercises and different positions, CoreAlign exercises are designed to be sport-specific, and are absolutely FUN!

My Miracle: CoreAlign…

During my last triathlon, I had a serious cycling fall that required hip surgery. The rehabilitation was quite challenging! I was surprised that even with my training and background and my healing team I couldn’t fully return to my favorite activity – sunrise run up the mountain. My teacher suggested CoreAlign to help me become fully functional again, and I was amazed by the results. Within 1 month of practicing I could squat down to the floor without pain, and within 3 months of practicing I was able to start jogging! With continued training I was easily running 11 miles to the top of the mountain and back down again with my running group.  My clients were impressed and wanted to try it… so I completed my Certification, added it to my studio and love sharing the miracle of the CoreAlign with others. ~Agnes Hendrie

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Benefits of CoreAlign

Trains core stability and strength in standing movements

Improves posture and balance

Re-educates healthy movement at a neuromuscular level

Rehabilitates musculoskeletal conditions

Enhances athletic performance

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